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Matchstick Strikers

Matchstick Strikers

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Handmade stoneware matchstick strikers.

Comes with 40 safety matches and extra striking stickers.


Must use strike matchsticks on the striking stickers.

If you have access to strike anywhere matches, you should be able to light them on the bare clay on the bottom of these pots. However, I do not test this on each pot as it leaves marks.

Please note the striking stickers lift off the pot a little over time, you may choose to add a little glue to yours to keep them secure.


Items are handmade in my apartment studio in small batches.


Since molds and machines are not used in my process, please expect variations in size, color, and weight of each piece. Photos, videos and dimensions are provided to demonstrate the unique qualities of each piece.

Please note that there may be display differences from screen to screen. Some glazes are especially difficult to photograph.

Please read the product description thoroughly before purchase to understand the product’s dimensions and characteristics.

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