Laura Rae

Owner, Potter

The pandemic altered many aspects of our lives; for Laura it coincided with a move to a new city.  Amid the confluence of events Laura found herself without her typical hobbies and creative outlets.  Recalling a love of pottery that began in an evening adult craft class in 2018 Laura found a course at the Centre for Craft Nova Scotia and was instantly hooked.  Shortly after one week long summer course in 2021 a wheel was on the way to Laura's apartment and within six months Laura Rae Studio was well underway.  

Laura creates a wide variety of forms and styles within her work but is driven by the stunning depth that occurs from the interaction of layered glazes. Laura is a predominantly functional stoneware potter living in Halifax, Nova Scotia.   

"When I discovered pottery I was infatuated with the vast range of forms. While forms remain a critical part of my process, glaze has become my fixation.  I want to create stunning depths of color that you can get lost in everyday."


Intro to throwing, Centre for Craft Nova Scotia, Fall 2021

Intro to Throwing, Centre for Craft Nova Scotia, Summer 2021


Craft Nova Scotia - Juried Member

Nova Scotia Potters Guild - Member


Canine Relations

Ketza takes his many roles very seriously. His typical day to day responsibilites include insuring Laura goes outside for walks and hiding from the vaccum. Although he understands the need to keep the studio tidy, he always makes himself scarce when the time to clean arises.